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      Frontier leads in customer loyalty among fiber providers

      Frontier Communications boasts a higher Net Promoter Score (NPS) for its fiber product compared to competitors like AT&T, Verizon and Lumen, according to New Street Research’s broadband trends report.

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      Frontier Helps Prepare Veterans for a Future in Telecommunications

      Frontier is donating high-speed fiber internet connections, equipment, and training to Tampa, FL-based Learning Alliance Corporation in support of Frontier’s mission to provide U.S. veterans with the structured training and resources they need to start a career in telecommunications.

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      Frontier Reveals Wi-Fi 7 Vendor

      As providers increasingly offer multi-gigabit speeds to customers, they need to make sure their Wi-Fi equipment can keep pace. Wi-Fi 7 technology enables them to do that and was a big driver in Frontier Communications’ decision to offer a Wi-Fi 7 router to its fiber customers.

      Vishal Dixit
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      Frontier Leverages Fiber Across All Markets

      Vishal Dixit, Frontier’s Chief Strategy Officer & EVP-Wholesale, tells Inside Towers that Frontier is working with AT&T to upgrade its tower locations to be 5G-capable.