2021 ESG Report

2021 Frontier ESG Report

Grit, resilience, and reliability were defining characteristics of 2021.

But “new” is perhaps a more apt term. 2021 was a remarkable year for our company. We emerged from bankruptcy in late April with a new strategy and a strong conviction that focusing our efforts on a new purpose — Building Gigabit America — would enable us to create remarkable value for all stakeholders.

Building Gigabit America is a shared ambition and a guide for how to work together for our customers and a recognition that our company has an important role to play in enabling digital society, realizing community inclusion, and reducing our collective impact on the environment.

Over the past year, we’ve made real progress in pursuing this purpose and executing our strategy — by adding world-class leadership, introducing a purpose-driven culture, improving the customer experience, and making our operations more efficient and sustainable.

The shift to a work-from-home culture, coupled with increasing data demand, led to a period of digital transition for most Frontier stakeholders. Businesses are now being run out of households. Living rooms became the new schools and conference rooms. And the importance of secure, high-speed connectivity is greater than ever.

We are expanding our fiber-optic network to meet the growing demand for high-speed broadband, a critical link to connecting a digital society, enhancing community inclusion and being better stewards of the environment. In 2021, we set an ambitious target: 10 million total locations for our fiber expansion by the end of 2025. We are well on our way. We built fiber at record rates, passing approximately 638,000 locations, and reached our target of 4 million total fiber locations by year’s end.

We also continue to innovate to provide top-notch service for our customers. Customer loyalty rose in 2021, as evidenced by record-high Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and record-low churn across both fiber and copper customers. We are optimistic it will continue to rise in 2022 as we diligently focus on the customer.

To ensure we embed sustainability in our company, with our purpose as our guide, we are weaving our emerging ESG ambitions into every aspect of our business. Our commitment to ESG will make us a stronger business, and it’s the right thing to do.

Building Gigabit America united our team and serves as a rallying cry as we transform our business. We are creating a new Frontier that is deeply focused on our purpose, providing exceptional customer experiences, and proudly serving the communities in which we work and live.

We have hard work ahead of us, but momentum is building as we unite our team around our purpose. Above all, I want to thank our team for standing behind those principles and bringing their best each and every day.

Nick Jeffery
Nick Jeffery President and Chief Executive Officer