Red Loves Green

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Making a positive impact is at the core of Building Gigabit America.

We are focused on building and selling products that connect communities and enable breakthrough innovations in high-need areas such as remote learning, connected healthcare, and the dynamic, evolving workplace – all while reducing environmental impact.

Red Loves Green is our commitment to sustainability in the technology we use, the way we do business, and the digital connections we enable for our customers.

As we build gigabit America, we’re making a difference by:

  • Building fiber networks, which use less energy than broadband alternatives—and help our customers reduce their environmental footprint, too
  • Establishing Frontier Green Initiatives to decrease energy consumption and reduce waste within our operations
  • Greening our fleet, by using new technologies and purchasing electric vehicles (EVs) to reduce energy use and GHG emissions
  • Managing our carbon footprint and meeting rising regulatory and stakeholder expectations


And we’re just getting started.

Red Loves Green – and we hope you do too.

Stay tuned for updates on Red Loves Green as we work to create a sustainable future.